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                                         GARDNER DUBAI 

                           MUHAMMAD AAMIR

                                    LANDSCAPING WORKS 

                           I. INTRODUCTION
Gardner dubai  Landscaping Works , Is
now the most popular landscape
company in many communities of
Dubai through its professional
work and hardworking employes in
Al Waha , Layan, Arabian
Ranches, Dubai Sports city, The
villa, Jumeirah Island, Jumeirah
Park, Emirates Hill and in many
other communities it take 15% of
the total business.
Our service tailors for all residential and
commercial areas across the Emirates. MAGS
Landscaping Works LLC is committed in
assisting you with the support of your
landscape and its proper development. We
plan, design and construct to aid solutions for
your space from the initiation part of the
planning up to the completion of the whole
Our Company is providing a full range of
landscape architectural services with
distinction on the construction of high quality,
economical and environmental aspect of work
to achieve sustainable design.
Client Dedication
We are motivated to provide
specialized and superior service to
ensure satisfaction to our clients.

Our goal is to create the perfect
garden for our clients. providing
them the natural & architectural
features of landscape.
Our aim is to incorporate
environmental modernization and
create a sustainable landscape for
our clients.
To reserve the societal and natural
heritage of the area
3. On-site Analysis
We’ll make a pre-arranged visit to take
measurements, photos and review the
relevant issues of your property.
III. Design & Create
1. Consultation with Landscape
We’ll gain a clear picture of your objectives,
wish list, and the demands of the site. We’ll
also leave you with our information
package to give you the details you need
about working with us.
2. Design Proposal
We present our proposal for design work
and review the Design Contract. We’ll go
over the process in detail including
project timelines. With your approval of
the Contract we can move forward with
the design development. …Deposit fee
for design development (50%).
6. Construction Coordination
We’ll take care of the ordering your materials,
securing locates and permits where needed,
coordinating any specialty trades and reviewing
your site for construction details. Everyone
involved is well informed on the plan details to
ensure a smooth flow during installation.
4. Concept Plans
We invite you to the MAGS Landscaping
Works LLC office for a review of the base
plan and proposed design concepts. This
is a great opportunity to give your input
and discuss any necessary revisions. We’ll
also provide an estimated cost for the
proposed construction. 5. Final Design Plan
Once we’ve finalized the concepts into a
cohesive design plan, we can review it in
detail together. And now that we’ve
identified each element and the materials,
we can go over the final estimate and
schedule line by line. With your approval
we can start making it happen! …
9. Project Completion
We’ll meet again for a closure meeting once
every detail is complete. This is always such
a pleasure for us because it’s the point
where our clients are newly aware of the
wonderful enhancement to their home and
their lives. …Presentation Of final Invoice.
7. Landscape Installation
Our crews, equipment and foreman are on
site and making it happen. We’ll make every
effort to keep disruptions and mess to a
minimum. We’ll provide weekly project
reports so you’re always fully informed on the
progress, and we can make sure you’re
pleased with our work. Feel free to speak
with your foreman at any time, or contact our
office with any questions or comments if
8. Project Assessment
With the close of the construction
phase, we’ll do a walk-through
together to identify any issues,
questions or unfinished items. Any
incomplete items will be resolved
before the project is considered


Gardner Dubai Landscaping Works can provide
the following landscape services depending on
the needs of the clients:
1. Architectural Landscape Design( Soft &
Hard) along with the Wooden Works Like
Pergola Gazebo
2. Swimming Pools , Water Features, barbecue
3. Installation and renovation of lawn/grassland
4. Installation of Automatic Irrigation System
5. Landscape Documentation
6. Landscape Restoration
7. All kinds Of Carpentry Works.
8. Supply & Installation of Tree, Shrubs and
other plants
9. All Kinds Of Stone Works.
Regular maintenance of your garden will ensure development and
improvement over times. We offer maintenance after the completion of the
project and to others depending on their existing maintenance needs . On the
terms of six months and yearly contracts.
Lawn Maintenance.
Lawn cutting, trimming and edging.
Fertilization (Inorganic)
Weed Control
Full Gardening
Weekly Maintenance
Maintaining of flower / planting beds
Tree & Shrub Care
Lawn & Garden Sprinklers & Drip lines
v. Structures of Landscaping
Stone Walls/Fences & Borders

Gardner Dubai Landscaping Works

utilizes all
kinds of stones in many forms to construct
walls, fence line or free standing walls that
can match the existing style of your
landscaping garden or create the best
stonewall that fits the clients need.
A natural stone provides a clean and orderly
wall, versatile and can be used in a variety of
applications. Whether it could be for
residential or commercial use.
(Soil improvement, bed preparation
and mulching)
Lawns and shrubs enrich the view of
the landscape properties into a more
unique garden or landscape spaces.
Proper mowing practices are
necessary to keep any lawn healthy
and attractive.
Planting / Automatic Irrigation System
Most clients find plants or soft scape
more relaxing than hard scape, but as
season change most especially here
in Dubai, plants like shrubs/bushes,
flowers and trees are excellent
choices for a relaxing ambiance of a
scorching weather.
For automatic irrigation system we
always advise using well made.
Reliable and sturdy components. We
insist on installing only the best quality
component we can find . We use parts
and component by Rain birds, Hunter,
etc. Similar vendors with reputation for
These compose of making
fountains, ponds completed with all
fittings. This artwork has been an
added feature to our line of activity
where we can able to provide the
clients and make it easier for them
to choose from a variety of types
and sizes depending on their
choice of need.
Pools remarkably stretch a good
atmosphere to any courtyard or any
landscape garden. This may add more of a
comforting place to sit and enjoy. Swimming
pools big or small is a very common
component of a backyard landscaping.
Water Features/Pools/Fountains
Aside from supplying different kinds of stones,
marble and granite ,Gardner Dubai Landscaping Works 
supports in the selection of a variety of stone items
design to every clients need. There are alternative ways
to create a patio, walkways or deck using these
In addition to it, tents, fences and sculpture columns with
decorative carvings is integrated into any landscape
design that will add up to the style of your choice. Gardner Dubai Landscaping Works  is considered to be one of the most
primitive materials used due to its unique has been observed that
Gardner Dubai Landscaping preserve the cultural heritage look of the local emirates properties in all
Tiles /Pavers & Stones
Carpentry Work
To beautify the
landscaping view we
always advise to have
wood work facility to our
We are expert in
designing and making
wooden Decks, Pergolas,
Gazebos, etc. Using the
best quality of wood and
paint, modern design and
carpentry skills.
Lightning/ Garden Decors
Lightning is another great extender while
staying outside of the garden, walkway
/pathways. This supports the design and
creates a vital part for your Landscape
Gardner dubai Landscaping Works  has
landscape accessories that are available
and can extend to a new concept of a
landscape design adjustment needs.
Benches, ornaments or stone crafted
designs and decorative planters, vase
are available from our accessories which
will enhance the look of your garden or
outdoor space.
Vi. Project Types
Residential Villas encompasses mostly of the
landscaping projects. The construction of a
detailed landscape design seizes the need of a
trusted and reliable design people to complete
customer satisfaction.
Your landscape is your investment when properly designed,
installed and maintained – it increases the value of your home
as well.
Man-made Lakeside promenade are mostly created as an ideal part of
every commercial places such as malls and parks. Our Company constructs
commercial outdoor and indoor landscape using the utmost quality materials,
expertise and professionalism. The company’s success is due largely to the fact
that we are able to serve clients
Building a recreation or playground for children is another thing that
clients need to consider in crafting spaces for their courtyard, it should have an
emphasis on the safeness of their children. Sports ground or School grounds
are also a part of our aesthetic and creative staff analysis on the basis of their
children’s interests or as per clients choice of need.
PROJECTS in Sharjah
PROJECTS In Jumeirah Park
PROJECTS in Jumeirah Park
Projects in Jumeirah Island
PROJECTS in The Villa
Projects in Meydan

Organizational Structure
Managing director
1Marketing manager 1 Agriculture Engineer 1 Designer
2 labor supervisor
2 irrigation technicians 3 meson 6 gardeners
10 labor
2 electrical technicians
We pride ourselves on providing proficiency and
maintain high standards in our workmanship to create a
quality landscape design for our clients.

Gardner dubai Landscaping Works is committed in

assisting you with the support of your landscape and its
proper development. We plan, design and construct to aid
solutions for your space from the initiation part of the
planning up to the completion of the whole project.


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